Update Ripple extension

Anyone want to help?
Does anyone know the updated Ripple Extension?

You mean this ...?

Or this:

EDIT: Actually, they are the same extensions.

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Thanks for @dora_paz and @Gordon_Lu.
I've tried this extension and it's work, but I wanted to ask about the GotAngel radians and degrees block in that community but the topic is closed, because I tried to use the block it doesn't work, or am I using it wrong.
If anyone wants to help me, how do I use the GotAngle radians and degrees block.
Thank you.


Haven't tested that extension but it seems that block doesn't work

Thank you very much

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Are there any other extensions besides this but with the same functionality?

Use the SetRipple block in the ComponentUtil extension.


Thank you for your attention. i will try it.

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