Update data in labels using Firebase

Hello everyone! I am making a database that registers sensors and collects them by date, every time the date changes the sensor values are reset and everything that happened on the day is saved in child.

I already managed to extract the data by date but I did it manually. Is there any way to extract the data and as the days go by, the previous data goes to the bottom? If you ask me, yes, the table must be made with labels.

If I run out of lines, is there any way to generate more automatically? And finally, is there a faster way to put the data in the labels without having to put different DataChanged?

I would appreciate any kind of help.

You can use the dynamic components extension by Yusuf Cihan.

I have not tested this, but I think it should work

The URL: https://prueba1-ca5da.firebaseio.com/prueba1-ca5da/

You will have to put the dates under a different child for this to work properly, but this will shorten your code to a great extent.

Try these blocks instead

Hi @Alaqmar_Bohori
There is no need to prefix the firebase url to tag, just use the get item there.


Yeah you are right :smiley:

@Eric_necesita_ayuda follow @vknow360's advice. Remove the URL and join blocks, simply put the get item out there


Ok I am already getting the two test children that I put, the problem is that I cannot get the value of the content, I just keep showing the two children inside "Registers".

I already played with it a bit and it just doesn't give me the values, I think it's because in these blocks I don't have the "Get label". Or am I forgetting something?