Update a spreadhseet taken by gviz in a listview

Dear communuty,

Does any body knows why when we use gviz to take the information from an spreadsheet, and then we try to update the values, we did end even remove values from the spreadsheet

why the information in the list view is not update, it show us always the same ?

Why don't you show the script and blocks you are using? Maybe there is an error somewhere.

Is this related to your other questions about using gviz?

yes, let me show the code,



the url is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cu77ER5zL6tieN6jQSpQAP0wtF8PNXvdCe6xmq_rZXc/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&tq=SELECT E, F, G WHERE A=

and the URL is wire because only show me one colum instead of the 3 colums

and also the app script code


and that is wire, because it do not change the lstview info cince the first time that the info was taken

Yes the reason is, when web got text, from the list itrms you are taking only the first col.. If you want to another, then use join block and add {select list item list (get item) index (2)}
{select list item list (get item) index (3)}

Now you will see three items are added into the list view

and gviz is used to get filterd items from the gsheet it is not used to update . To update you must use script code

Also you will be in need of cell range or row number or col number for the updation..

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nice @Spicy_Topics I am going to go a head and do it and then I tell you the result

thanks @Spicy_Topics I really apreciate your help,

can you please help with another thing, I've been thinkng on it and I can's solve it

Here i have used only local variables

Dear @Spicy_Topics , by chance do you know if there a way to do the same to see sevaral colums in the list view only with SQL to not use joings

the issue is that when I am making updates with script code the app said that the argument is too long and it do not alllow to make updates

I remamber that yestarday we did but actually is not working

Or click the mutator from add items to the list block to add three items into the list

I hope your idea is,

Run qviz
Get three col items
Show in the list view

The question is, how will you edit the list view :thinking:

So after the edit the items should add it in gsheet

mmm yes but actually it already show update but i do know why it does not update a value when there are several colums

The problem is you are having working script but blocks part not set correctly also in this query case how can you update? There is an logical error. In gviz yoi are getting data randomly from gsheet so how it can go correctly in thay place?

It already works, just let the compilator finish and I show the bloks

to fix the previus issue the bloks rest link this


Just the only question is, how when we send an information in an spreadsheet , how this same info could be in 2 sheets instead of one

I also find the way to do it

Instead you can use another one web component and can run at a time

by chance do you know why I have this message

I'll show you the blocks


I think you are confused.. See you are calling only C and D so if matching value found then you will get only two items so in index you can use 1 and 2 but you have used index as 3 and 4 It shouldnt

Though col C is in 3 rd index you are getting only two items in rrspomse content

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