Up for a challenge?

I've got an idea for an app, but at this point i don't have the knowledge to implement it...
The app I want to create is for keeping track of purchases, sales, breeding, etc of pet birds (could be for any other pet as well, but birds for now...)
attached are the primary 2 pages of a spreadsheet I'm using for my own birds - (and you can gather similar inferences from the other tabs shown). the spreadsheet is simply my memory, not a feature needed by the app.

What I want the app to do, specifically relating to the breeding page, is to automatically generate a line for each chick hatched on the breeding page, importing the info from the breeding pair to fill in as much info as possible on the primary record (database?)
sorting by primary fields of band #, gender, color, age, species, etc.
a third aspect apart from main and breeding would be 'for sale'. the goal is to have an app that users can put their info into, accessible via the cloud, and any 'for sale' birds would be accessible by any other users, with seller-chosen fields viewable by anyone else.
privacy is important, I don't want everyone to know where I live, so I get that. options would be things like aviary name, breeder name, state, city, region, zip, email, phone, shipping available (Delta or USPS are our only 2 options) or local pickup only. (all of that set up when the user creates their account and editable as needed)
Also, the ability to add photos and user-created fields for more random information for each bird. some breeders like to record the minutiae of their bird's life... Everyone's a bit different. for my pet birds, i record a bit more than i do for my breeders in that aspect, like vet records. But when I asked what people wanted to record, the responses were all over the place, from grooming records to what the bird eats or even vocabulary.
I can go into more specific details if/when the time comes? If i can find someone willing to take on the challenge.
I've got pages of notes written down of my ideas, specifics of what information to track, etc. it's getting it from paper to actual design level that i'm losing my mind LOL


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