Unzip a zip file and delete

Hi everyone.
I need some help.
Now I downloaded the zip file in my test folder from some web server.


Then next I want to unzip it in that folder and delete it(that zip file).
Is it possible, and if possible, tell me the way.

Thanks in advance everyone who gives a kind help.



Using the Taifunzip.aix, I made it like below;

Then the some_file.zip is a quite big file, so I have to wait until downloading is completed
and unzip the file afterward.

What block is needed at the ‘here’ place


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Thank you so much.
It’s so simple, but another problem occurred.
It worked well on the emulator, but when I installed an apk file on the phone
It said like below;

What do I have to do?

Request the permission on initialise:


(blocks in Screen1)

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Great help.

When I downloaded the zip file, the below messages occurred. What reasons?

  1. zip headers not found, probably not a zip file
  2. probably not a zip file or a corrupted zip file
    and how can I fix it?

Try “SuppressWarnings” ?

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how large is it?

if the downloaded file is corrupted there is not much you can do... only repeating the download might help... how long did it take to download the file? make sure the file is fine on the server...


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Thanks a lot for your solution.
I have understood when and why this message came up.

I want to issue a message to try downloading it once more like “Downloading failed. Retry once more” a.
TIMAI2 said "Try ‘SuppressWarnings’ "
but I don’t understand it.
Please explain it more easily so I can understand.

Determine if the file has been downloaded?
If the file is not fully downloaded, subsequent references will result in an error.
responseCode=200 ; Indicate file download completed.
Web2 Please adjust to Web1 according to your program.

Determine if the file has been downloaded

Hoping it is helpful to you.
Sorry, english is not my native language, please forgive me.


if the file was not downloaded completely you will not be able to unzip it... to suppress the warning helps you to hide the default warning message and to do your own error processing as @netcom suggested


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What forgive? I have also poor English.
Your reply has helped me a lot.

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you might want to "like that post" then...

this is how the community works...

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