Unwanted characters in a list


Básicamente aparecen caracteres como por ejemplo "[", comillas o " , " y quiero que simplemente salga el texto.


Basically characters such as "[", quotes or " , " appear and I want the text to simply output.

Something like this:


extractTVData.aia (24.6 KB)

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and any know how delete "prueba" from nombre, is that for some reason it puts the name of the table in column1

That is a hard coded label content. Of course it can be drawn from the underlying list, if you want it that way....

You can remove it from ROWTEXT index1?

EDIT - no! As per TimAI2's comment, you can edit Label2.


and for example, can I delete "selection of spinner 1" from label1, so to speak the selection would be "prueba" and label1 would say pruebanombre, how can it be done?

Something getting lost in translation, I don't know what you mean and we don't have your Project File to figure it out.

You appear to have "moved on" to something else ?

What spinner ?
How are you loading the spinner elements ?
What do you do with the spinner selection ?

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