Unrecognized method. Irritants: (RunJavaScript)

Testing to dynamically create tables, when testing with iOS I have run into this error.

In Android it has worked correctly with my Xiamoi Mi A1 with both AI Companion and the apk

I attach AIA

Pruebas_copy.aia (4.0 KB)

The problem, more than using http: // localhost, comes when making the call to RunJavaScript, in fact, in Android it did not even use the instruction to indicate a HomeUrl. I have added this for iOS because I needed a page. I also tried setting the HomeUrl to be https://www.google.com and the message would be produced (on iOS).

RunJavaScript isn't yet implemented for the iOS version. That's a newer feature for the Android side and we are still working through some of the newer additions.

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Hi there!

i would like to pick this up again...is there already a solution to this? would be great to get this implemented.

all the best so far,

Not yet