Unofficial Covid Vaccination 'Passport' or Wallet

vaccinate Unofficial Covid Vaccination 'Passport' or Wallet...

Code and modify this 'unofficial' app so you can include a copy of US Center for Disease Control (CDC) vaccine documents on your phone that is easily accessible. In the US, those vaccinated receive a document to show they have been vaccinated. A different type of 'wallet' might be appropriate in other countries.

The CDC recommends people take a picture of their completed card and keep it on their phone for backup. Will the app passport be accepted as proof of vaccination? Perhaps.

Call up a copy of your vaccine record quickly and display it on your phone screen with a touch of your finger from your cell phone.

The app calculates how long ago you were vaccinated and displays the information about your vaccination you enter.

An image copy of your vaccination record might be accepted by whoever requires 'proof' of your vaccination. Be prepared to show the original paper CDC or doctor's office record. The app does not access any databases. Any place requiring proof of vaccination for entrance determines what is proof in their mind. The US government indicates it does not intend to establish a nationwide immunization database.

This vaccine passport app includes options to include:

  • an image of your vaccine record
  • your name and particulars
  • Vaccine provider name, address and contact phone number
  • Vaccine manufacturer, lot number and vaccination date
  • easy access to the app
  • days since last inoculation
    Much of this information is written on the card. You may need to do some research to find other appropriate information

To create this unofficial app:

  • photograph your vaccine card (and perhaps those cards of family members)/
  • copy the vaccine card image to Media (You may have to reformat the dimensions of your card image. Do not use large images.)
  • in the app code example, replace the vacCard.jpg image (used as a place holder to demonstrate the app) with the photo image.
  • enter the pertinent data to the vaccineFacts Procedure. Copy the information from your vaccine record and enter it manually in the appropriate spaces.


  • compile the app and load it to your cell phone.
  • you may need to modify the code to suit your needs.

The app displays an image of your vaccine record and basic information from that record you would like to display clearly. Provide a way to contact the entity that vaccinated you (a phone number or email address would be appropriate). You might need more proof than the vaccine record image if you do not have your paper document. An app like this might help you get into a restaurant or bar that requires vaccination proof (or it may not) but not necessarily on an airplane). The app automatically keeps track of how long ago you had your most recent vaccine shot.

The app is basic. Pertinent data is hard coded. The app only provides access to data you entered about your vaccine. It is intended to be use by a developer for his family's records.

The example aia file VaccineWallet.aia (36.9 KB) includes code to display information from several family members. If you do not need to display other family members, delete or gray out or delete the CheckBox control and the Blocks in the CheckBox1.Changed event handler. Use a Spinner or ListPicker to select the card to view if you use more than two images in your app.


Proof of vaccination in the US is the record card ( or copy ) the inoculated received when they are vaccinated. The record is usually a CDC provided card and demonstrates proof of vaccination. The health provider maintains a record on its own database (but only the provider can access the record). The CDC recommends people take a picture of their completed card and keep it on their phone for backup. What is important is knowing the second dose record for vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, the single dose record with J & J. Recent news articles recommend photographing the record and keeping an image in your cell phone. Those entities requiring proof of vaccination probably will accept the original record; they may or may not accept a photo copy.

The app wallet ideally could query a database and collect all the information. Accessing a medical database is impossible at the moment in the US. A coordinated open access immunization database does not exist due to privacy concerns and legislation. Medical and governmental databases in most places cannot be accessed by the general public. In the US, the state health departments and individual doctors and hospitals maintain databases. The U.S. has no central database for immunizations. States maintain an incomplete patchwork of records. These records are not available or easily accessible to the casual developer or even private citizens seeking their own records on line in the US. An individual must contact the entity maintaining the database and request data.

You, however, can provide basic information about where your records are stored (but accessible only by the Provider). Include a phone number in the app to call your health provider. At present, only they can confirm your vaccination. They your record on a database but you cannot access it. Carry your original vaccination card too. Most places would regard this app as a convenience, not necessarily proof of vaccination.

Improvements to the app you might code:

  • A TinyDB to personalize the app by the app user (refactor the code to provide the ability to modify the information by the user.
  • Create a way to import images of the vaccine document stored on someone's phone (needed to display the vaccine card image).
  • Connect to an online medical database if database access is possible in your country.
  • Use the Phone component to be able to phone your medical provider.

Is all this work effort worthwhile? Have fun creating the unofficial passport; impress your friends or not. Having information you provide on your phone may help you get a duplicate card if you lose your vaccine documentation card.


The app was tested using the emulator, 5.1 Android cell, and 8.1 Android tablet.
Beware, an image of your records might not be accepted by all as proof of vaccination.