Unique name for a text field

I have a button and a text field in the app.
There is already a 1 in the text field if the user presses the button, 2 should be suggested. If the user deletes the number and writes a C, for example, when the button is pressed, C1 and then C2 etc. should be suggested.

You possibly need to code something like the examples in Programming Your App to Make Decisions

You might need to use logic like this or similar:

If Textbox1 = 1 then Textbox1= TextBox1 +1

else if Textbox1 = C then Textbox1 = Testbox1.text join 1 then it gets complicated

What have you tried Stefan? Please show you Blocks.

This procedure is draggable.


Brilliant, how do you come up with something like that.

Stefan you have to mark ABG post as solution, not your post.

The trick is to break a hard problem into simpler problems that you know how to solve.

  • Is it empty?
  • is it just a number?
  • break it into a non-numeric front and a numeric or empty rear, and increment the rear

P.S. This is also an example of recursion.

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