Unify iOS and Android servers

Hi @ewpatton ,
To create Apps with Android+iOS I am creating them with the normal AI2 server and testing with the normal AI2 Companion and with Apple and Android devices (both).

When the AIA source is OK then I export it to the iOS Server to generate the IPAs. I use only the iOS server to compile the AIA in IPAs. I think you could eliminate the iOS server if you placed the Beta options for generating iOS IPA builds only on the normal server. It's possible?. We would save having to export the AIAs to the iOS server just to compile them to IPAs and may be to maintain a minor infrastructure.

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No, because the compilation of Android and iOS apps is fundamentally different, so in my opinion this will not be possible. I would be very surprised if Evan had a different view on this.

The long term goal is to make the iOS build capability also available on ai2, but we haven't determined a timeline for that yet.

I said only to add or put the options of the iOS server to generate the IPA object compiled into the Ai2 normal server. Is it not possible? Why?. Every option can link with their respective compiler (Android or iOS).

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Ok, then I misunderstood you.