Undo last action

I’m new to the forum. The reason I joined was because I’ve just lost nearly all my current project NeoPixel2 by mistakenly deleting what I thought was a blank label in the Designer view. Yes a warning box appeared but as I was sure it was a blank label I went ahead. Yes, the warning said all associated blocks would be deleted. If it had said which blocks were affected I wouldn’t have clicked. Why isn’t there an undo button? Control_Z doesn’t work (I’m using Windows10) with MIT App Inventor so I can’t use that.
MIT App Inventor encourages users to experiment as a part of the learning process. How can users learn effectively if making simple mistakes lead to catastrophic non-rectifiable changes ? I noticed several closed threads on this same topic on the forum - all with no apparent response from MIT App Inventor.

Come on, MIT App Inventor ! This needs sorting !

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...I started using this app inventor in last December, I don't know is this function doesn't exist at the time you send this message.
Normally, you can press Control+Z to undo actions, or you can right click at blank area, a list should be popped up, at the first option, it should be undo. You can undo even you delete all blocks.