Underscores disapear

i am building a hangman, when the word is being guessed there are underscores that tell the player how many letters this word contains. at start up this works great but when a player guesses a letter correct the underscores dont work anymore. there will me some underscores but not at the right place and not as much as there are letters in the word they want to find. i put a underscore and a space but it doesnt join the right way. please help me.


  1. Use the Monospace Font, so that all characters and underscores are the same width

  2. Use a Textbox for User Entry and a slim Label below it for the Underscores (which can then be a different colour too).

i get a number instead of underscores in the slim label. the number of letters of the word. how d i get undercores instead of that number?

what number?

what slim label?

the underscores that tells the payer how many numbers are in the word they.

no thats the whole problem, the underscores are there when the game starts but once a letter is gueassed correct they are mashed up. for example the word is people that is 6 letters so there will be 6 underscores in the begin of the game once the player guesses for example the letter l the underscores wil only be 3 left or so. that way it looks like the word is 4 letter instead of 6.

this one

You could go back and review the video tutorial and see how pixiibomb did it

Exactly so, without them disappearing unless required :thinking: They are separate and thus continue to display the same.

thats the tutarial i use, it does not work.
the underscores disepare after the first letter is found. there are still some underscores but not as many as the letters in the word.

This is how I do it in
word_guess.aia (4.9 KB)

thank you:)