Undefined Variable. Irritants (yail/yail-dictionary) (when using iOS, can't use android or find windows emulator)

So I'm a new student getting into this and I've been trying to create a somewhat simple Math Practice Quiz App, however it keeps repeating the same message shown above, despite me checking over and over for undefined variables, yet nothing seems like it should work. Here's my app's aia file (MathPracticeApp2.aia (9.4 KB)), so if anyone can help me test it on android or an emulator it'd be SUPER appreciated. Otherwise, I'm a little stuck on why my app isn't working...

Looking forward to the replies,
~ Elizabeth

Your app runs with issues Elizabeth.

Here is the result using the emulator:


  • you give the answer away; thank you (see the green highlight)

  • advancing to the Next question is not possible... it trips an error mathquizError

  • press Answer again and you get more points! Yeah?

Have you installed the emulator software Installing and Running the Emulator ? You should be able to do this on your computer.

@Elizabeth_Ma I believe this issue should be fixed in the next iOS version. Please see this post about how to sign up for beta testing the next release if you're continuing to have issues: