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Hi I have made a math quiz app but for some reason when i click on next button after 2nd question is not continuing to the next one can you please help me out? Here is my .aia file.
Login_screen.aia (672.1 KB)

The problem is caused because when button next is clicked you check if global Question number is 3


Instead you should check global question number to lenght of questions list

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It still doesnt work it shows me this error when i click next. Is this right?

When you click next and if condition is not evaluated to be true then in else section you are keep updating the QuestionNumber and it can go beyond 15, which is causing error

So how do i fix that?

In online MCQ or MSQ type exam candidates are allowed to do next and at last there is a final submit, which show how much questions were attended and left unattended, and finally the score. Maybe you are approaching differently.

You can have a look at this modified aia, adapt accordingly, if you like the way it work.

Login_screen_copy.aia (673.7 KB)