Uncrossable wall

So how would make a line sprite into a wall without using the bounce edge feature. I just want to make it where, if i make my sprite walk to that wall, and stop infront of it till i move it again.

i have this so far
Screenshot 2021-09-09 3.50.11 PM

Create an invisible wall - one that is the same colour as the canvas.

When your sprite collides with it, set the sprite’s speed to 0.

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Here is a sample doc and app.

If your wall is a sprite, just use the 'CollidedWith' Block. If using the Canvas edge use the 'EdgeReached' block.

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Well i built the invisable wall before and for some reason when i started testing, the wall was in a different place then where i had it

The width and height of the Sprite affects when and where it will collide with something, depending on its direction.
The Sprite's x and y values determine just the location of its upper left corner.

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Here are several very different ways to do something with a 'barrier' How do you make image sprite not go beyond a certain coordinate?

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