Uncaught exception with hot-reloading

I was trying to perform Hot reloading with ant devmode, but when I press the Compile button after pressing Dev Mode On, the page refreshes and freezes without showing the applications anymore, i can't find another way to test. Below, I'm attaching a screenshot of the problem.

Yes this is a known issue. It has something to do with how our overlay of Promises interacts with how GWT does its code generation. To not be blocked, you will need to resort to running ant noplay until we can figure out how to adapt the code so that it won't trigger this bug.

okay thanks! But how does that work? should I call it every time I want to rerun?

It's only necessary after you have made any changes to the common, blocklyeditor, or appengine modules. Changes to the components or components-ios modules will not affect an ant noplay run typically (not strictly true for the components module if you add a new annotated method to a component).