Unable to Sign IN

The GOOGLE username@gmail.com account now required to access the MIT development web page does not match up with my old MIT account and all of my previous work is no longer accessible.

How can this be resolved?

I will assign this to @Susan_Lane. Hopefully she can help you with this.

Thank you - Dc

I can transfer your projects from the old account to the new one. I need you to send me a private message containing:

  1. Your old account address
  2. Your new account address
  3. Some information about the projects to be transferred so that I can verify ownership.

I usually do project transfers in batches every few weeks.


My apologies. I misstated my new account address. It isn't [222222222] but rather [333333333]. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you.

[mod edit - personal information removed]

Please talk to @Susan_Lane on private messages (PM).

:warning: Do not put any personal information here!!!

Oh, I apologize. I saw this and failed to note that it was on the public thread.

Yes, please send information to me via private message. If you click my profile picture in this thread, you will see a button to message me privately.

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