Unable to save my project in my pc

am unable to save my project in my pc and also am unable to send the apk in my phone what might be the problem

Maybe this can help you :


From the project menu, click on image , and then click on image

Click on image and click on image and scan the QR Code on your phone using any QR Code Scanner.

Hope this solves your problem.

Please Read This :

Hello fayeedan

One step at a time. If you cannot save your Project, that's the first problem to address, worry about building an APK later.

When you say "unable to save my project in my pc" Do you really mean you cannot export your project file (.aia file) to your PC or do you simply mean the Project does not save?

There are many reasons why either could be true. Your Project may exceed the 30MB limit, or exceed the recommended maximum of 10 Screens for example.

Very common issue: Images that are not optimised for Android.

See my checklist here:
https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsApk Cannot Build/Install/Run APK
some of the issues that prevent an APK Build also prevent Project Save/Export.

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thank you i got where the problem was

Please share with everyone, so they can check for the problem cause if they hit the same issue.