Unable To Read CSV text


I am trying to make login scheme based-on google sheets but despite making a carbon copy of the steps I am still getting the above "cannot parse text argument" error.

At this point I am breaking down the problem to just understand how "list from csv row text" works.
So I have this very simple blocks that simply read from the csv file I exported, yet it returns the same error.

Here's my code

And here's my csv
data.csv (1.1 KB)

Appreciate if anyone who knows the problem point me to the right path, thanks!

Please show the error in full, and tell us when exactly it occurs

This is the error, so i can't unable to "log in"

Your query returns the header row AND the query data, so you have a csv table not a csv row.

You will need to use the list from csv table block to make the responseContent an AI2 list, then remove the first item in that list to have just the data.

I did, but still error and unable to read. what's the ssolution?

Can you share your aia project, I will take a look.

SIAGA.aia (3.3 MB)
this is the AIA, glad if you could help :smiley:

It works for me

If I enter a NIP from your spreadsheet, the tinydb tag values are filled

Works also for me, used a NIP from dpreadsheet to test it