Unable to list directory with the File component on Android 13+

A directory that requires READ_MEDIA_... permission cannot be listed using the File component on Android 13+. (Error 908: The permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied...)


Already mentioned here: Taifun File & Mit AI2 Update Target SDK - #10 by Anke

As the error message is

what happens, if you additionally ask for that permission also for devices >= 33?

Also please add the test project into this thread


The same, because READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE does no longer exist on Android 13+. I don't even need to test this.

I know that very well
But if this works it could be a workaround, therefore a test would help to find it out...


I doesn't.

I alsredy posted the blocks. What's the problem with creating 3 blocks yourself and listing a folder that contains media files. How was I supposed to know that?

Well, my suggestion is to make it as easy for the MIT App Inventor team to fix the bugs. And part of this is to provide an example project which elicits the error.

Also as in this case someone else could also do some tests based on your example to find a workaround. It is more likely that someone will do that, if there is an example project...

You already have that example project. Where exactly is the problem to add it into this thread?


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As I said, which folder should I use?
How should I know which (non-shared) folder contains which files?

(Ok, I could use a Textbox, but I've already made the effort to uncover and write about this bug. I don't have to serve everything on a tray to everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Exactly as you have it... without modifying anything... and others then manually can add a few media files into that folder