Unable to import SQLite database using the SimpleSqlite extension

Using SQLiteStudio, I have created a SQLite database called Vocab.sqlite and copied it into the following folder on my mobile phone:
Internal storage\Android\data\edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3\files\databases

When I run the app on my phone, it is unable to import the database App Inventor and always returns false.

I used the following blocks:

I have tried passing the following value:

My phone uses Android 13.

Thanks for any help.

Not the best way to do it.

What size is your db file ?

If under 5mb, then just upload to the Media folder as an asset, then your blocks should work. (Suggest you manually delete the file you copied)

It's 12K in size.

I've uploaded it into the Media window, and now it imports successfully.

Thanks for your help.

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