Unable to get ble AdvertiserServiceUuids to work?


I'm trying to get the AdvertiserServiceUuids from a list of mac addresses.
I can see the device advertising and can use another App (lightblue) to confirm its advertising and that the UUID is visible, but the AdvertiserServiceUuids always throws up an error.


blocks - error

I know that I can scan for a particular UUID and that works... But I want to scan and collect all UUIDS to see if they match any in a list.

Am I interpreting the AdvertiserServiceUuids incorrectly?

Anyone have this block working?
Appreciate any help.

Ok, I have the AdvertisersServiceUuids working by clicking on a device from the list manually..

If I select a device that advertising its UUID it works and I can display it. However if I click on a device that is not advertising its UUID then it throws up the error...

I can not seem to find a way to automate this process. For example....

  • Generate device list.
  • Index device list.
  • Check to see if device is advertising its UUID (Don;t think this is possible) &
    -- If advertising then, check its UUID and add it to a list.
  • Check the device's UUID
    -- If null (throws error if not advertising it's UUID) ignore, if contains string
    -- add to list.

Any ideas? Or help greatly appreciated..

error if device selected - is not showing its UUID
or sometimes this error still - error
else displays the UUID.

No ideas? I still am unable to find a way to ignore devices that are not advertising their UUID..

Are you sure about that place where you set a ListView.ElementsFromString from a DeviceList?

I would imagine a DeviceList is a List, which should be assigned into a ListView.Elements

I'm only pulling the length (17) of the MAC address from the device list to check for the service UUID so that is not causing the Issue.