Unable to find component "SpaceView"

Hi everyone!
I've created a project on Kodular and now I'm trying to open it on app inventor but this message appear when I try to open it : "Unable to find component "SpaceView" while loading project "press_down2"."
Also, I have this error :
Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 18.56.17
Thank you in advance!

Remove all the components, like Spaceview, that are only in Kodular, in your Kodular project, in Kodular. Then try again. It is likely you cannot avoid the "newer version" message.

Simple answer is start with the builder you want to use, then stick with it. At the moment, there are enough differences to make like difficult if you want to swap.

Ok thank you very much but I still have a question in App inventor, how do you create a space ?

Use a label and delete the text, then size accordingly.

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