"Unable to find component "KIO4_Base64" while loading project "demo"."

I cannot open my project, error pops up , ""Unable to find component "KIO4_Base64" while loading project "demo"."

Welcome to community. Did you created demo aia or did you download it from some where ?

I created a project and named it "Demo", and i used aia and aix extensions in it but it is not openning now, as mentioned error comes.

Most probably project got corrupted. If you wish export aia and post it here so someone can have a look at it

This is it

Don't try to open it. Just tick selection and export it

This is aia file that is exported. Now, How can I be able to make it run as same as it used to be.

demo.aia (58.9 KB)

Try this

demo3.aia (54.4 KB)

Thank you so Much it works now.

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