Unable to find Activity Starter

So I have no clue if am blind or what, but I checked where I could and could not find the activity starter. Can someone possibly tell me the steps on how to find it? Also, I am having trouble making a button that takes me to a website. Any help or ideas? :slight_smile:

Did you look in the Connectivity section of the palette ?

If is not there, is your Blocks Toolkit set to Expert in Project Properties ?

There was no connectivity section

we get that question very often, that someone does not find components in the components palette...

therefore it would be very interesting for us to know, why you did not select "Toolkit Expert" from the beginning to get all the blocks...


that did not pop up when I made it

So how did you start your new project?

From another project?

no, just the regular way, but that option never popped up

what is your regular way?
usually if you click "New Project" you get this window
there you enter the project name and if you like to see all components and blocks, you just keep "Toolkit = Expert" unchanged

What do you get after clicking "New Project"?