Unable to drag items in viewer onto VerticalScrollArrangement1 in components panel

I am studying App Inventor using the text by Lyra Logan. I am trying to build the project in Ch. 2 but no matter what I try I am unable to drag the buttons and videoplayer1 onto VerticalScrollArrangement1 in the components panel where they are supposed to appear under it like in a sub-directory list.

Welcome to community. Are you following Chapter 2: Practice Makes Perfect: Event-Driven Programming Tutorial? Is this the Layout you want to create ? According to tutorial buttons and video player aren't inside VSA. Simply drag n drop components in mockup phone with this order image,button,button,VSA,video player

Thanks, I tried again but it still won't cooperate. I'll start the tutorial all over tomorrow and see if I have better luck.

If you still have problems post a short video that shows the problem


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