Unable to download my app

Hi! I’m having a little problem downloading my app in .apk or even in .aia file. It says it’s impossible. I have tried to publish the app on the gallery and it says it’s, again, impossible because the app has an extension. But I deleted the extension (scaledetector) a month ago. I don’t know what else I can do. Anyone with the same problem?

Sometimes extension information remains behind after the deletion of an extension (this will prevent publishing to the gallery as no extensions are allowed there)

Shouldn’t stop you exporting your aia project to your computer, though if slightly corrupted may prevent compilation to an apk ?

Try creating a copy of your project with Save As, see if that cleans things up for you

Still, doesn’t work. It says “Server error: could not copy project. Please try again later!” as with the other options.

Have you reloaded you ai2 page, or try reloading your browser (you are using Chrome or Firefox ?)

Chrome. It’s four days I’m having this problem, I have reloaded, waited, closed, tuned off my computer. Sadly, whatever I try to dowwnload my app (provide QR code for .apk, save .apk to my computer, now save as) it says “Server error” etc. I have tried also on other computers.

Did you overstuff your project with Media Folder files?
That can cause loading , building, and exporting operations to time out.