Unable to display the contents of the screen in MIT App Inventor

While working on the screen, suddenly an error popped up and its unable t show the contents of the screen. Im posting the screenshot of the Screen iam working on. Requesting you to Kindly, help me in resolving the issue, as iam in the middle of the App Development.


can you share the aia file?

Sure, is it ok to share it here?


STGPsHouseholdSurveyApp(1).aia (989.9 KB)

Its showing Internal Error while opening the screen...


Its not the Screen1 but the internal error is coming in YanadisdetailsScreen

mmm, TableArrangement can be problematic...and you are using a huge amount (and nested) of this component..


also you are using an outdated extension:


I have tested it removing some table arrangement specially nested (3 levels):

and no error is generated, showing correctly the screen. So, maybe your app needs to be redesigned regarding to the use of table arrangements.

ok, Thank You

Nesting Horizontal Arrangements inside Vertical Arrangements has advantages over Table Arrangements:

  • More robust code behind the scenes
  • Order of components in the Designer matches visual order better
  • You can duplicate (Ctrl-C) entire rows at a time in the Designer and paste (Ctrl-V) them into a Vertical Arrangement

I am uploading the .scm and .bky files for that Screen here, so they can be downloaded into my Table Arrangement analyzer app:

YanadisdetailsScreen.scm.txt (149.6 KB)

YanadisdetailsScreen.bky.txt (1.5 MB)

The analysis took long enough for me to make microwave popcorn.

Here are the results:

I leave the cleanup to you.

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Thank You sir

Here you have a working one STGPsHouseholdSurveyApp1.aia (989.8 KB)
without errors however, I've haven't done anything with the conflicted components in the image above Label52 and Label54

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Sorry for the late reply..Thank you for the help Boban...!