Unable to delete the listview

Hello, I need help. When I long-press the ListView, a notifier appears, asking the user to delete the post. However, when I click the 'yes' button, this error occurs. The selected post in the listView should be deleted when I click the 'yes button'. I can't figure out how to fix it. Here are my blocks.


the blocks:

blocks for listView:

You haven't initialized nakDelete local variable.
Also make sure listview element contains <br> which doesn't look like to be present.

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The remove list item block is faster and quicker than your blocks, you are deleting all of the posts
Also in your project Tiny DB does not have a value with tag named postbahnii

How can I make it delete each post separately?

A simple approach ..

I can delete all the posts, but not one by one.

In the above example you can delete the entries one by one

it seems that you forgot something :point_down: