Unable to delete extension

How can I delete an extension while the "X" symbol is not there?

Form the screen or from the project?

From project mean, you can delete it through aia using 7zip

From screen mean , that is also possible from 7zip but you should remove the relevant blocks from the creator

  • Delete ALL instances of the extension in your project, such as GoogleCalendar1, GoogleCalendar2, etc. If you don't, after you try the following steps, the project may be entirely corrupted and you would have to build it from scratch.

  • Download your project as an AIA file, and rename it to a ZIP file, e.g. T.aia to T.zip.

  • Open the folder /assets/external_comps/, and you should find the folder of the extension, for example, com.gordonlu.googlecalendar in my example. Delete it.

  • Change the name of your ZIP file back to AIA, for example, T.zip to T.aia. Done.
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