Unable to Connect to Companion with AI Companion

Whenever I try and load my app through the AI companion I get this error message. It happened earlier today and then was resolved and now is back.

As of yesterday, when I go to load the application on my mobile phone per AI Companion, it stops at 20% and does not proceedand . Why?

  1. There is already such a topic ... So please read the topics in the group first before posting a new topic.
  2. The problem is known, we are waiting patiently for a solution.


I forgot to write that βefore the above problem I get the following

I restart everywhere, my cell phone, the browser but again the same problem.

Check use legacy connection in the companion for now to make it work. Devs are looking into this.

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That is, what exactly should I do?

Read the above.

See here


You beat me to it. :grin:

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It works!!!! :grinning:
Problem solved!

I've been suffering from the same problem for two days,and I did check out "Use Legacy Connection", but it still didn't work! Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks!