Unable to Compile MIT App when Google Sheets used

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When I try to compile MIT App with google sheets api I get DX Failed Errors. When I disable those blocks, the MIT App compiles successfully.

See here - issue should be resolved ?


Assuming that you are experimental server that provides a Google Sheets component, it should be working fine. I just compiled an app with the component and it compiled without error. Do you have any extensions in your project?

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I am using the Web Component to interface with the Google Sheets

Could it be that the issue is related to the web component? See screenshot below

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I am not seeing how the link can resolve the issue I am having.

You could try with a GET request:


The Web1.Get would populate my spreadsheet.

Hello the Web get works fine but with one issue

When I try to post multiple data I get errors but when a send only one entry it stores to google sheets. I am familiar with how get requests works with the ?, & and = signs. There is a question mark at the end of the URL stored in the variable strposturl2.


I don't know if it's related to your issue, but as it's posted through an url, I prefer to use an invisible web viewer and use the block go to url. This way I rarely get error when posting to Google Sheet.

How are you doing this ? The web componenet is asynchronous, so it can only handle one submission request at a time. The first must complete before you can start the second.

By multiple data I mean sending more than just one variable entry in the URL. The entries I made in the screenshot will be posted to one line in google sheets. I have seen tutorials where this is done and I can see that in TIMAi2 screenshot as well.

It could be:

The google form, and how it connects to the spreadsheet
The spreadsheet
The blocks
The code (urls, syntax, etc.)

You have only shown a small part of your blocks, really we need everything in order to progress further.

You can "free up" permissions on your form and sheet while we test/check.