Unable to compile extension

Hi, I am using AppyBuilder code editor for creating extension. When I finished my extension, I got an error saying missing return statement, I don't know what it is.

Error Log

I am a beginner in java, any help will be appreciated :blush:.

So you are beginner with java.Good :+1:

help in syntax related error?? What??

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Thanks very much :blush:

I don't know when I add: -

import java.io.File;


new File(pathtocache).delete();

I get an error, I am not sure this error is because of this, I will PM you my code, can you correct it :pensive:

I am not finding a way to tick solution.

This isn't an App Inventor problem. This is a Java problem. The Java compiler is raising an error because a method you defined with a non-void type lacks a return statement returning a value of the stated type. The method ends on line 44 without the compiler seeing a return statement. Either:

  1. Change the type of the method to void
  2. Return an appropriate value at the end of the method
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Thankss, for you're reply :blush: