Unable to compare text from received bluetooth data

my project connects to an Arduino controller, comms is via Bluetooth. I can send data to and from the Arduino OK. I want to change the text on the app when I receive 'Q' from Arduino, see the code below. Textbox 14 shows 'Q' has been received but textbox 18 fails to display "Saved" I have used both logic and math to compare both don't seem to do anything.

Any help is most appreciated

  1. Change Receive Text number of bytes to (math) -1. This will ensure all available bytes are received.


  1. Set the Bluetooth delimiter byte in Screen1 Init and ensure it's sent by the Arduino - for example:


                     Serial.println();        //This empty last line tells App "End of Data" = Ascii LineFeed Char Number 10
  1. is 'RecData' initialized as a List? You are splitting at spaces, which suggests more than one value in the received string.

  2. Where is 'Q' in the received string? You will be able to see now when TextBox14 is populated with 'RecData'.