Unable to change the BackgroundColor

Unable to change the BackgroundColor. If i choose any color then it always shows as white only. see this screenshot. and suggest what is wrong

The backgroundcolor of what?

Please see the screenshot. There is option to choose the background color. when i click on background color option and it shows all color list but when i choose any color from the list to change the screen1 background color then it doesnt change. It remains while.

Before we spend a long time puzzling over where your problem actually is, post the aia or, even better, a simple test aia that shows the supposed problem.

What kind of theme are you using in Chrome to make it look like that?

As it should look like this, green colors etc.


as suggested by Boban, it's probably the custom CSS you're using that's triggering the issue. It should work fine without it.


thank you for your response!
Not using any custom CSS. Please suggest how to check it

Yes thank you so much. It was related to theme. I have chosen the default windows theme and it worked.

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