Unable to build application - DX execution failed

Can someone help me with this error. suddenly i cant build
the application

Heres the aia
Buraindo_Application.aia (1.7 MB)

What have you changed since the last time you were able to build? I guess you made backups. Have you one that still works?

the last time when i able to build is this:
Buraindo_Remote_ETONA_3 (4).aia (5.3 MB)

the changes are the login screen if i remember

Removing the ClickZ extension in your project makes the error disappear. Try an alternative, such as ComponentUtil.

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Which ClickZ extension?


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You have downloaded the old version of the project that the user has posted in the previous reply. This project was the last successful project to be built, and did not include the ClickZ extension. But when the user has changed/added the login screen, that included the ClickZ extension and the project failed to compile. The new project, which had the error, can be found in the first post.

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Thank you for the help; I also used your extension. The error is solved. <3

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