UI issues differences between (Companion VS installed APK)

Hello experts

Am facing wired differences between the generated UI while testing the app using companion VS the installed apk both are running in the same mobile yet the companion displayed UI is way better than the installed apk . how to fix this

i have attached the aia file also screenshots from both companion and installed apk


KH_Guardian_Current.aia (238.8 KB)

What device are you testing this with?

am using the same device while testing and installing the apk

device is Samsung A8+ 2018 using android 9

This is nothing new. There are a number of discrepancies with Companion and the compiled app. Here are two examples from two of my test devices running Android 9 and 13:

Left: Companion / right - APK (Android 9, Galaxy Note8)

Pixel 4XL, Android 13 ( left: Companion)

Thank you so much , is there is anything i can do to fix it , i like the companion UI than the compiled one

If you prefer rounded buttons, use one of the dedicated extensions (e.g. 系统界面增强扩展 - 浮云小站 or here: [Free] Enhance Extension to create stylish card views - Extensions - Kodular Community).

Thanks again for your help , appreciate your time

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