TypeBlocking doesnt always produce a block

if i type 5 and return i get a numeric 5 block
if i type 1 and return i get
if i type 2 and return i get nothing

how can i improve my textblocking results and efficiency?

Could you elaborate more? Post a screenshot of your blocks please

is one of the lesser known features of AI2, even to Power Users.

I have never seen a MIT explanation for how it works..
There have been patches to its matching capabilities over the years, usually on a squeaky wheel basis and for specific pieces of text.

If you post a short video of any match flubs, maybe some one will improve it.


here i understand that there are multiple options. would be more effective if the numeric 1 was the first option not the last

i cannot create a screenshot very well of what does not exist. example 2 wouldnt produce a block when i was in mole mash but when i started a new app it would

is there a secret list published somewhere that might save me a few keystrokes? actually im trying to save mouse strokes.

I am not privy to such secrets.

The typeblocking for '1' is an annoyance I have experienced too.
I usually add a trailing space to eliminate the 10's.

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Adding back/forward slashes or hyphens also does the job for me.

Im going back to the basics, as i jumped into AI2 with a specific need and didnt learn the fundamentals.

App Inventor 2 Book: Create Your Own Android Apps sa far has been a good fast-paced tutorial and I've picked up a lot of texblocking teqniques within it so far.

can anyone tell me
after I TextBlock a Procedure into existence, can i keystroke into renaming it, without pointing the mouse?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like you can.

However, I did look through the website's HTML, and each block has an element called blocklyText (which is the editable name part).

<tspan><text class="blocklyText" y="12.5" text-anchor="start" x="0">=<tspan style="fill: rgb(63, 113, 181);"> ▾</tspan></text>

Perhaps you could request focus on the said element through a TamperMonkey script.

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that way above my paygrade lol, but it does give me insight and ideas for how to solve other issues

particularly the math drawer, ive not been able to get most of the operators to populate.

im still looking for typeblocking tips

a double quote will produce a text block that can easily be edited, typing text will make an empty one. If I need anything other than a blank it has been faster to start with a double quote.

numbers still give grief especially 1 and 10, the options are not easy to narrow down, unless you know the menu by heart, I guess.

does copy and paste blocks still work? I cannot find an option for it.

Either right click mouse and duplicate or use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V


I'm looking to paste the new block on the other side of the world... like scrolling down past 100 blocks then paste

backpacking it does the job but takes a few steps... still faster than dragging it down multiple lengths of the screen

on this note, is there a way to drag a block far, easier than drag, drop, scroll...repeat

a single quote will save you a keystroke...:wink:

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@TIMAI2 half the time a single quote give me no block and I have to do it again

Same with number 2, number 3 is better, number 5 almost always works 1 NEVER works lol, he is just lazy (or too tired from doing ALL the work, as the case may be)

We'll need to look into whether fixing this is possible. We use Google's Closure Library and its autocomplete object to perform the filtering. I don't know that we can have enough control over the affinity of the results to pop the numeric value up to the top. It seems like it should be an option to prioritize exact matches but off the top of my head I don't know.

for number 1, you can use a space first, then type 1 (or 10)