Type name dialog box for game

I am making a game
In which I want to use a dialog box or a screen or something
In which the user can type his name and it should be visible in the side menu of the app.
But the name dialog box should be visible only for the first time user opens the game
Like it should be saved

  • Use a notifier text entry dialog to enter the name
  • Use the tinydb to save the name
  • Set the saved name to the "sidemenu"
  • When app starts, test if a name is saved to the tinydb, if it is then set that name to the sidemenu, otherwise generate the notifier for user to add name

Can you please send the code

Have a go yourself, if you get stuck, then return here with your relevant blocks and screen design.

Follow the instructions in post #2.

SideMenu.aia (239.3 KB)

I am making a game.
I want to add a notifier in the start of the game to type the users name.
But the default notifier is very bad.
Is there any cool notifier extension better than the one which is default notifier

Like this



DialogAnything Extension