Two listviews with different file types

I have these blocks that are to play music selected from a list then from a second list show a html image. Everything is local on external storage card.

I have the player part and the html view working on two separate projects. I am trying to combine the two. Using 3 virtual pages I have the player picklist working. The problem is getting the html list populated. In the above picture music player blocks are in the center column and html blocks are in the right column.
I believe the problem is in these blocks.

Do I need a variable named file2? If so how do I get it?
PlayMusic_1_6_1.aia (546.7 KB)

Difficult to follow your Blocks - OpenImage is a button?

I can't see any code populating an HTML list - do you really mean you have an HTML list to display (In a WebViewer) or actually you have an App List (e,g, ListView) of URLs?

You seem to have a lot of similar blocks.




You can group them with any component blocks, or procedures (or procedures in procedures).

Yes, I use that image as the button to sort the list alphabetically, it only needs done once. It is the first thing you see, click and it goes away. I couldn't seem to get the list to automatically sort on screen initialize.

The html files are local, not URLs, they are written instructions that go with the music. They are smaller files than either a jpg or pdf of the same instructions and, in my opinion, much easier to see on a tablet screen. I both lists working as individual projects. I'm trying to combine the two.
Ideally there would only be one list, picking from it would do two things. Load that song to be played next AND load the instructions that go with it to be displayed in the web viewer.
This music was originally on 45 rpm vinyl with the instructions on the record sleeve. The dance cuer, or square dance caller, would carry around huge boxes of records to each dance. Most have converted their records to digital and use a laptop. I'm trying to get it down to tablet size.

I can't see your example blocks even on a 32 inch screen.

No, I was pointing to your blocks.

and lots more!

There are 3 pages each page has buttons that go from one page to another. How is this different than your example on this page?

Gordon_Lu web page

Pages 2 and 3 only have 2 buttons visible, I just put three on each page for future use

Since you switch that multiple times similarly in different programs, and you switch the visibility of multiple component, to make it simpler, use procedures. That can make your code much more organized. This is just an example.

And then call:



Thanks, I'll try that.

So why not do that? Easier than working with two Lists.

The local files (where are they exactly?) are indeed URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) - the address of a web page.

If you have loaded your HTML files into the Project's Media Tray, the files will be stored in the App's Assets and the URL is http://localhost/myhtml.html


It doesn't play nice with the rest of my code. I really don't see the advantage. From an adding building blocks point of view it's quite simple to just add what I had.

I can't load your Project - the Server is telling me to try again later but usually it means there is something wrong with the file preventing the upload.

I wanted to see what the other Virtual Screens were for.

Edit: It just decided to load :upside_down_face:

The files are on the device external card

I've been trying. I've been reading everything I can find on lists, sorting lists, etc. Watched countless videos. About 99% of those are about making some sort of simple list in the app and doing something with it. Very little, that I have found, about working with a list of files that already exists somewhere. In order to get as far as I have I have used suggestions from some excellent help on this forum. I struggle with getting the examples adapted to what I am trying do do. I have learned a lot, possibly this is better suited to someone who don't know that phones used to have a cord and didn't have a dial. :grin:

Wouldn't that have to be changed every time something was added or removed from the list? How would someone other than me do that? We are talking about 100's of files.

Ah - it wasn't clear that the User would be editing the collection of files - but in that case, is HTML the best solution? Not everyone knows how to create HTML files......

Maybe not, there are a lot of them already done in html. Many more are pdf. Pdf or jpg is the easiest to create. Probably should be looking at viewing pdf. I assume it would be able to have the list open what ever viewer was called for? could use webp images (displayed on demand in an image component)

Some GUI tips:

  1. Make Screen1 Align Horizontal 'Center'
  2. Make the Music List View Height 'Fill Parent' and Width 98%

Though personally, I would instead use a ListPicker. The name of the file the User Selects can become the Label Text of the ListPicker Button. That leaves real estate for the instructions and cue sheet below, on the same scrolling page, which would be more intuitive for the User and require less components and less code.

I'm away from my PC for a few hours now, but I will take a look at your Topic tonight.

It would work with a Clock Timer, enabled as the last item on the Screen Initialisation Block.

If so, how do Users use your App? Do they have to supply all their own media? What about the modern phones like mine that do not have an external card?