Two Listview Syncronized


I just put two listview on Screen1 and no blocks were added.

When I touched one element of the black list, the element at the same position of the blue list was selected.

How can I solve this problem?



This is a bug introduced with release n187. It has been fixed and will be released with version n188. You can test this on the ai2-test server if you wish


Do you mean if I put 3 listview or more, 1st&3rd and 2nd&3rd are syncronized. but not 1st&2nd?

And it crashes when there is nothing on the same positon in the other list.

I couldn't find new version of it. Without new companion, I tried the same thing on the test server and got the same problem.

From the AI2 File Menu:

Help > Companion Information > download and install the updated companion


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