Two Listview in one screen


I have designed a project which runs properly with two listview interface in two different screens.
But the problem is, when I try to add a report screen which include both of them, I can’t gather listviews on the last screen. I think the issue is related to variables.

What should I do? Please help me.

Interface should seems like that;

Data derived from FirebaseDB for each listview;

Blocks are designed like that;

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You need to test for the tags in your gotValue block

if tag = dbtask then set listview to value

elseif tag = dbtask2 then set listview to value

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This might work; replace

if tag = dbtask instead of if liste and if tag =dbtask2 instead of if liste2

Does it?


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It seems like it works.
Thank you very much guys.

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