Two level List Picker intermittent

I'm trying to create a 4 by X item matrix. Here I'm demonstrating a 4x4. Within each item is an image and text.

I have a 4 folder ListPicker, within each is is another 4 item ListPicker. This works fine part of the time. See attachment for Blocks. There must be a more robust approach. Any suggestions? Thanks, Charles

As I remember, you can set the elements of List Picker at any time. Dictionaries are useful in this case.

First method (Dictionary + lists)

Key is the first Level. The list of files refers to the key.

Set all keys as the first ListPicker, which is the first level.

Get the list when the user selected an item in the previous ListPicker. Then open it.

Second method (Lists only)

This is a bit more straightforward.

Initialize the first level. (list of folders)

Initialize the second level. (list of list of files)

Set the first ListPicker's element as the first level.

The selection index will be the same according to the list. Therefore, it gets the list of files.

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No Objections to your ideas but I think dictionary method is better than your list method. The list method makes the UI look a little bad.

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Or perhaps try just one list, and one listpicker....

matrixNest.aia (4.7 KB)

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I agree. I use the dictionary more often too.

Wow :sweat_smile: That's a massive one

I have made a similar one but it uses two sublists instead of one.

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Show us a one dictionary one listpicker version then :wink:

@TIMAI2 I think you missed my first method :sweat_smile:

That uses two listpickers :smirk:

Thank you for sending me your MatrixNest aia. Works great and easy to use when compared to my 6 ListPicker solution. The only way I've found to easily use it with matrix procedure was the attached timer. Is there a cleaner approach? Thanks Charles

Is my solution not working? Just wondering :thinking:

TimAI2, My m by n matrix (the columns are folders/lists, and the rows are buttons with list-in-list image/caption) shown in attachment 1. Only 16 in test, but more lists can be added and buttons. Attach 2 shows my changes to your 2 ListPicker example. Works fine but initialization requires a second Folder click. I have abandoned LP and only select button clicks in the matrix for display. Attach 3 demos a piece in the list-n-list update procedure that ties together for each list which are tied together to other list by CloudDB. It all seems to work well, for now! Thanks Charles