Turning up system volume

I have an app where I want the user's smartphone to immediately turn up the system volume. I gather this cannot be done with the standard blocks. Has anyone created an extension to do it yet? It must be possible because various pushed adverts do it!

You can find a list of all the extensions we know about here:


the paid version of the settings extension is able to set the volume of Music, Ring and Alarm


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Will it increase volume of text to speech? How do I pay for it?

I don't know...
Which one of the different volumes do you have to modify if you do it manually?
The extension is able so set the volume of the volumes circled in red

Concerning purchasing the extension you can find all necessary information on my website in the large green box on the bottom of this page


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My Samsung j250 smartphone has under Settings > Sounds > Volume, sliders for Ringtone, Media, Notifications, System. So I guess its either for Media or System. Manually there are two left hand side buttons for volume up or down.

Looking at all your material, it appears too complex for this absolute beginner at this stage. Thanks for responding anyway.

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