Trying to use/learn Cloudinary API's

Hello!! I'm trying to learn how to use Cloudinay APIs to upload/remove images (images only in my case). If I get it (with your help :yum:) I'll post the blocks for other programmers who need it.

For Signature field I'm using the TaifunTool SHA1 to get it. As Cloudinary web says, I try to create signature how it indicate:

How many things I'm doing wrong?? :yum:

I know there is a great extension by Sunny Gupta, (thanks a lot, by the way) but I want to learn this so I don't depend on third parties.


Go to Cloudinary > Setting > Upload > Upload Presets

Then click on Edit.

Now check if Signing Mode is set to Unsigned or not. If it is then check Upload Preset Name too.

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Thanks, I set Unsigned, but the same message comes out...

The problem could be in my blocks?