Trying to send Post data to URL

Trying to open a webpage in my phones browser and send it a long string as POST data. Is there any tutorial on how to do this? I know how to do it through HTML programming, but I am new to the app world.


You can use the web component to POST data

Or if your html will allow, use the WebViewer component

I have the web component and post data in the same block. How do I open it in my phones web browser?

Why ?

Explain and show what you are trying to achieve ?

I am trying to send a large string that is generated by the app to my website to be parsed and stored in a database there. I know it can be probably be done here, but everything on my website functions as needed.

Currently I have been copying and pasting into a text box on my website. Trying to get around that.

If you POST the text string to your url, you should only have to check the response, no need to open a website