Trying to return the value of a string in between two characters

Hello, I want to return the value of any string in between two characters (for example, :wink:


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You can get subSting this way as well

Sub-String - EFGHIJ - between D and first occurrence of K

Sub-String - EFGHIJKLM - between D and last occurrence of K

Or you could use regex extension by @Kevinkun


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I've tried the solution of @RamNaresh but it appears the error: length is negative.

Case 1: When each and every variable is assigned with values with what it is supposed to be

Case 2: When variables are not assigned with required data, I think you are talking about this

So you need to assign values before this operation.

PS: these are code fragments only to get the required result you need to decorate/accomodate into your code blocks. It would also be greateful if you can share the error generating blocks.

Here is what I have tried @RamNaresh

I will like something like this:

Nevermind, I have already found the solution

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