Trying to read a text file(txt) from my external (removable) sd card

I am struggling with the same problem,I am trying to read a text file(txt) from my sd card. I am using the availableStorageDirectories funtion and I can see both my sd card and the emulated sd. Then I am trying the .exist function to show me that it sees the text file but it keep returning false.

use Do it to debug your blocks and show us the Do it results

see also tip 4 here
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

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I have saved the text file on different location on the sd card,and taifun returns a true , so it can see the file with the exist procedure, but with the file read command it give the error "The file "strage/6425-d658/Dokuments/datalog.txt" could not be found". See the path of the Do It picture above.

as far as I know the file component is not able to access the external (removable) sdcard...
copy the file to the ASD and read it from there...


Hi see above snippet of my program. Very simple when you press the button it must read a Text file from sd card. I am all so using taifunfile extension and when I test if the file exist it return a true. The File extension from mit app has a read function but it does not use the same method for path adressing like in Taifun. Anny suggestion.

copy the file to the ASD and read it from there...

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