Trying to make different ImageSprites collide together

Hello I am currently trying to have an imageSprite (a letter) that i created, collide with another imageSprite (an avatar). When they collide I am trying to accumulate a score for every letter the avatar collides with. In this example i only included one letter (you will see in the snippet). Also every time a letter collides with the avatar then that particular letter will stop bouncing off the screen and appear at the top of the screen until all of the letters are collected or the reset button is pressed (im assuming an if else would be needed so i included it in the snippet where i think it would go, but not sure). I am having a difficult time trying to make this happen and any tips or help will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance. Capture

Have you done the tutorial in Dr. Wolber book Chapter 17. Creating Animated Apps ? It shows how to deal with collisions using a Ball (using Sprites is similar).

Have you done the MIT Space Invaders tutorial? The tutorial shows an example of part of what you want to do.

Reading and doing the exercises will help you code what you need to do to complete your app.