Trying To Make A Reminder Push Notification When Someone Doesn't Open The App For A Day

I am making a workout app in which a notification should be sent if the user does not do their workout for the day at 10pm. How can I do this? It would be best if I could do this for free.

Thank You

Is someone supposed to send this notification? Or should the notification appear automatically? How will the app know if someone has done the exercise or not?

Ah, I understand after reading the topic more carefully. So opening the app = doing a workout.

In my opinion, you should use the Alarm Manager extension.

Set the alarm for 10pm. When you open the app, the alarm should be reset for today.

Try the alarmmanager extension

If the workout was done, define a repeating daily alarm starting from the next day at 10pm, which means, if the user does not workout, the notification will be sent else it will be set again for the next day

Thank you Taifun and Patryk_F. I will try it out.

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